About the Builders

After attending a dinner party and developing a connection through conversation with the other party members, a desire was born to encourage more opportunities for this kind of connection.

Tolerance and kindness often show up at these gatherings in different ways. Being together in positive environments and finding where we are alike can build alliances and great friendships. Spending time in conversation over food or activities can be the birth of great new ideas and inspire change.

This desire to promote connection resulted in developing two online silent auction applications to assist organizations to raise funds and host connection events. We focus on making this easy to use and a great experience for all. That includes minimizing the management tasks required to run these types of auctions.

Our software tools help people manage the process of raising money for causes that they value. We love being a part of that. Helping others achieve their dreams is something we believe in.

Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we are happy to work with you whether near or far. Learn more about our organization at Canopy Digital Innovations

people engaging at a dining event
people toasting at a small dinner party

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