Event Tickets Auction

Ticket sales for fundraising events

Event Tickets Auction

  • Would you like to increase member commitment to your organization?

  • Do your members have passions they want to share?

  • Does your organization need to raise funds?

Save My Seat Auction enables organizations to raise funds through auctioning tickets to limited-seating events.

These events promote fun, friendship, and community-building. Conversations at smaller events like dinner parties often foster deeper connections.

Community Building through fundraising

How It Works

  • Volunteers host and organize events with limited number of tickets or seats at each event. (See event ideas)

  • Bids are for one or more tickets at one or more events.

  • Bids can be modified or canceled up until the bidding deadline.

  • The winning bids are charged via credit card at bid finalization.

  • Tickets are sent via email to bid winners.

Save My Seat Auction software manages the entire process.

Fun, food, conversation and laughter develop fond memories and positive rapport at these events.

Large and small organizations can benefit from using Save My Seat Auction as fees are based on a transaction percentage. (See pricing information)

Let us help you enjoy fundraising by taking the stress out of managing a service-based auction involving:
• multiple events,
• multiple bidders and
• collecting fees.

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Our event ticket software works extremely well for the 'Gourmets for God' program used by many churches.