Item Auction

How It Works

Our silent online auction is used to auction items digitally. Bids can be modified or canceled up until the bidding deadline. Bidders are notified when they have been outbid via email so they can change their bid if they choose. A bid winners’ credit card is charged after the bids are finalized. Email notifications are sent to bid winners. Delivery of items is arranged by the organization and the bid winner.


The auction allows an administrator to upload a maximum of 6 images for each item available for bid. The tools make it relatively easy to create the catalog of items for sale. Many standard reports such as bid tracking and fundraising totals are available.


Fees are based on a transaction percentage. Organizations are charged 10 percent of all successful sales. This cost includes both credit card and service fees. The fees are extracted from the online payment prior to depositing funds to the organization's Stripe online payment processing account. Because fees come from completed auctions and are paid by the buyers, even small organizations can adopt the software without financial commitments.

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