Event Ticket Auction Pricing

Large and small organizations can benefit from using Save My Seat Auction as fees are based on a transaction percentage.

Organizations are charged 10 percent of all successful ticket sales. This cost includes both credit card and service fees.

The fees are extracted from the online payment prior to depositing funds to the organization's Stripe account.

Free orientation training is available.

While easy to use, technical support is also available.

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Attributes and Functions
  • Multi-event online auction
  • Live auction notifications to top bidders when outbid for existing seats
  • Last chance bidding notifications
  • Multiple ticket bids for an event by an individual will be grouped so they win all or no tickets.
  • Fund processing via credit card
  • Event tickets emailed or available online for presentation on your smartphone
  • Hosts provided winning participants' contact information
  • Event reminders to participants and hosts 2 weeks before and again the day before the event
Free Administrator Tools
  • Establish auction duration
  • Enter event details
  • Monitor bidding process
Free Administrator Reports
  • Fundraising Status Report
  • Event Details Report
  • Bidders and Host Contact Info Reports
  • Bidder and Event Contribution Ranking Reports
  • Per Event
    • Participants Information Report
    • Bid Ranking Report

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